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Below are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. 

For any questions that remain unanswered, please contact us at or for media enquiries, email

Frequently Asked Questions

The Development

What is proposed?

Bayswater Marina Holdings Limited proposes to redevelop the reclaimed land it owns on the Bayswater peninsula into a vibrant mixed-use marina precinct. 

The vision is to improve the experience for marina users and the community, and turn the underutilised and undeveloped land into a world class maritime village.

The proposal includes upgrading the existing public open spaces and recreation facilities, improving access to the coastal edge, and the establishment of a residential community.

In the centre of the site, marine retail, a marina office, cafes, a restaurant, terraced houses and apartments will be built. Surrounding this will be two public pocket parks, at the north and south end of the peninsula, new streets and a revived coastal walkway around the outside perimeter.

Existing Marina berthage will be untouched, and associated carparking and marine related commercial activities will be retained and upgraded within the development footprint.

What is different about this latest proposal?

Some members of the local community have advocated for a low-density development. We have taken this feedback on-board, and the proposal consciously provides for this. 

Has the project been granted resource consent?

The proposal is currently in the process of obtaining resource consent. The resource consent application was recently publicly notified, and we thank everyone who submitted feedback.

How long will construction take? 
Construction to complete the subdivision and to build the parks, streets, coastal boardwalks and carparks will take 6 to 9 months. Individual terrace dwellings may be built over time on each lot.

Bayswater Peninsula Land Ownership

Who owns the land?

The Bayswater peninsula is the area of land where the entrance and carpark for Bayswater Marina and the Bayswater Ferry sits. 

It is made up of two titles, with one parcel of land (3.3ha) privately owned by Bayswater Marina Holdings Limited, and the other parcel of land owned by Auckland Council (1ha).

The land owned by Bayswater Marina Holdings is home to the Bayswater Marina facilities and carparking, and the boat ramp which the public have been given access to.

The land owned by Council is set aside and intended for public use; public transport, public parking and boat trailer parking. It is this land held by Auckland Council where these activities will continue to be located. 

Is this site allowed to be developed for residential purpose?

Yes. The 3.3h of land privately owned by Bayswater Marina Holdings Limited is zoned for residential development as a discretionary activity. This means that the land can be developed, provided that the proposal meets the conditions of the Unitary Plan. The current resource consent application is a normal part of this process. 

Bayswater Marina Facilities

How will Marina users and berth holders be impacted if the development goes ahead?

The Marina consists of 418 marina berths and will continue to provide safe and secure berthage as the main use of the peninsula.

Maritime retail and office spaces within the ground floors of the apartment buildings are proposed to replace the portable buildings you see now, and we will be upgrading the Marina toilets and changing rooms.

We believe that the new facilities proposed will greatly improve Marina berth-holders experience.

Will there still be berth holder car parking?

We have focussed on the marina and marine related activities first and foremost within the plans for this development.

The number of carparks exclusively available for berth holders will therefore not change. The carpark layout will be improved, with more car parks closer to the sea wall and coastal edge, as will the road and parking surfaces.

Easy access to loading zones adjacent to the ramps will also remain and the gangways will be upgraded.

Residential Living

What is proposed for the residential development?

Three land parcels in the centre of the land will be subdivided into three boutique-style apartment buildings and 94 individually designed terraced housing lots – a total of 121 new homes are proposed, all with spectacular views across the water to Auckland’s CBD.

What will the houses look like?

Each terraced housing lot will be sold individually, and then constructed and designed by the individual owner in line with comprehensive design rules.

Each terraced dwelling will therefore look different from the next, allowing for a diverse range of architecture.

At each phase of the design process, a lot owner will need to seek approval from a Design Committee that consists of selected architects, urban designers plus a representative from Auckland Council and the developer.

Vetting each design against the rule book for the project will only allow the very best of designs to be approved.

This concept is inspired by well recognised urban renewal projects including Vinegar Lane, Ponsonby and Borneo Sporenburg, Amsterdam.

Carparking and Public Transport

Will carparking be available?

Yes. A total of 425 car parks will be provided as part of the development, with an additional 20 for car and boat trailers to be located along Sir Peter Blake Parade and within the central precinct.

The majority of car parking (310 of these spaces) will be for exclusive use by Bayswater Marina berth holders, with the remaining for the general public to access the café and other facilities.

Parking for the residential dwellings will be provided on each site, and Auckland Council will continue to provide for ferry passenger parking on their adjoining land.

Will there be boat trailer parking?

Yes. We are working with Auckland Transport to provide dedicated boat trailer parking on the adjoining land owned by Auckland Council and in line with the Unitary Plan. An additional 20 spaces are proposed on Bayswater Marina Holding Limited’s property for any overflow.

Who is responsible for providing public transport from Bayswater?

Public Transport is the sole responsibility of Auckland Transport. Public Transport at the peninsula has been carefully planned for by Council and AT and detailed into the Unitary Plan.

Will I still be able to catch the ferry and bus?

Under the proposed development, public transport will be unaffected and continue as it has been.

The ferry currently berths on a pier in the marina which is licenced to Auckland Transport. The ferry berth will remain unchanged until at least 2031, unless Auckland Transport proceed with their consented ferry terminal development before then.


A new bus stop and turning area, and access for buses to and over the property is also being provided.


Any changes to the bus / ferry service or schedule are at the discretion of Auckland Transport.

Public Access and Amenities

What will happen to current public facilities?

Access to the breakwater for fishing, and pedestrian access to the foreshore, the boat ramp and fuel will not change, and the ferry berth will remain until at least 2031.

What public facilities are proposed?

Our vision for this development consists of not only improving the facilities and experience for Bayswater Marina berth holders, but also the wider community.

The proposal includes upgrading the existing public open spaces with two pocket parks at the north and south end of the peninsula, new streets and a revived coastal walkway.

The proposed inclusion of at least one café will be a great opportunity for locals and Marina-users to sit back and enjoy a coffee as they take in the stunning harbour views, and we are also hoping to be able to include a (well behaved) bar and restaurant.

Are there any open spaces for the public to enjoy?

The proposal provides for 7,500m² of high quality, recreational open and shared space. This includes an improved water’s edge with board walks, making the current coastal access strip not only retained but improved in our proposal.

Two public parks will also be created, and new streets are to be constructed with a new coastal walkway around the outside perimeter. A total of 22.5% of the peninsula will be for public use excluding streets and carparking.

The Boat Ramp

Will I still be able to use the boat ramp?

At Bayswater, the boat ramp and access to it is situated on the section of land privately owned by Bayswater Marina Holdings Limited.

We know how important both the boat ramp and its access is and this will continue under the proposed development.

Will there be boat trailer parking?

We are working with Auckland Transport to provide dedicated boat trailer parking on the adjoining land owned by Auckland Council and in line with the Unitary Plan.

Additional spaces will be provided by Bayswater Marina Holdings Limited for any overflow. 

Surveys carried out over 90 days during the 2017/2018 Christmas period showed not unsurprisingly, that the use of the boat ramp is at its busiest when ideal weather, weekend and tide conditions combine.

The 90 days surveyed averaged less than seven cars parked with trailers, and on only 10 occasions were there more than 20 cars with trailers. This use of the boat ramp and required parking has been taken into consideration in the proposed plans.